Why We Give Back

We love to practice social responsibility, and we practice this when we give back to the next generation of leadership. 

Programs-is this where the platform and the online training course will go? I feel the platform is more of a product.  I feel like I want to hear more about the tech aspect of how I perform my analysis. My intent is to focus on the systems that impact the sustainability of the organization, which is really all of them. This is why I consider Serv to be delivering holistic solutions, and the reason I teach the concepts I do in the Spirit of Business. The areas of the analysis stated here are a few of many possible systems that will require analysis for some clients. As we work to teach them how to personify the systems of their organization, they will likely identify macro and micro systems that impact their goals and need to be calibrated toward our holistic sustainability solutions. Anything from the software platforms they use to how their filing system works is all subject to systematic calibration and automation!