Consulting & Training

We understand the pressures that you have as an executive. You’re responsible for managing and hiring people, growing revenue, and teams, in addition to possibly creating new business units. We help you apply Universal Laws to the development of internal systems, ethics, and operations. We offer a global perspective to execute Corporate Social Responsibility programs and business development. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the project and time allotment. This is our bundled package, which includes Consulting & Training programs.

Each service can be purchased a la carte at regular price.

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Speaking & Workshops

The Spirit of Business teaches business your organizations on how to apply the science of Universal Natural Laws to key revenue drivers that are often misconceived as “intangible.” These intangible skills enable your organization to work in harmony. We teach executives how to maintain a global view to comply with these laws that inevitably impact the organization in which you lead. These workshops are delivered via Zoom, conference speaking, lunch-and-learns, and in-office trainings. Hire us for one session or a series.

You can bundle all four Speaking & Workshop programs or purchase them a la carte.

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