About Us

Our Story

We are Serv Inc., and we believe when we Serv together, then we Soar together.

That’s why we are taking our years of experience and research to help you align your business with a reality you may not know exists. 

That reality is where private business administration is accessible and comprehensive, your systems of operation are integrated and automated, and your buiness is market ready for global competition. 

As your company expands, grows market share, and continues to add jobs to the economy, you also have the responsibility to share your success with not only your employees but the community you serve.

We help you create and maintain administrative strategies and systems for growth and sustainability that will positively impact how your business governs itself and how it touches the community.

We believe this is the foundation for increased revenue as we help you protect your brand, revenue, and assets with our proven methods, which are all backed by science and law.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is a small powerhouse of scholars dedicated to serving the community by using decades of experience in corporate leadership roles to impact how businesses generate revenue.

Together we educate our clients about real ways to simplify business processes, build solid strategies, and maintain systems that secure and stabilize revenue streams.

Reese Roberts

Reese Roberts spent nearly a decade serving as a Corporate Trainer & Quality Coach for the Department of the Treasury and as a Payroll Consultant with a world-class payroll service provider, Automatic Data Processing. Reese used this experience to develop a business theory called the Spirit of Business, which is used to educate businesses about how Universal Natural Law impacts the bottom line and how we can use Universal systems to create infinitely stronger sustainability plans. Reese also developed a powerful service called the Employee Wage Protection program to help deregulate essential business functions using legal administrative strategies learned directly from her Federal government work experience and independent research. Reese’s mission is to use her knowledge and studies to change how we serve humanity and the planet.

Simbarashe Bryant

Our team also includes Engineer, Simbarashe, who has developed comprehensive social development strategies through collaborative efforts. His “Free the Land” project is perfectly aligned with our mission to begin the process of organizing and implementing new systemic structures using organizational strategies. His role is to develop strategy, research, and design structures to expand our reach into public service and community development.

Barry Abraham

Barry specializes in Unions and the development of Collective Bargaining Agreements for our Employee Wage Protection program. His Union leadership experience supports our mission to deregulate essential business functions using contract law and privatization strategies. He helps clients create samples and templates of CBA’s that support their business structuring and administration goals. Barry is on our team of Power of Attorney representatives who oversee our published unions’ development and management

Our Values

How We Serv

We focus on restoring the natural balance of business that says we can all achieve massive amounts of success while serving the highest purpose, which is to serv humanity. 

Over the last decade, we have accumulated a global perspective as we’ve refined our services to ensure that we focus on this balance. We don’t look at our patrons like “clients”; instead, we partner with you to grow your business. 

Our customized services, programming, and technology platforms were built to revolutionize your business. If you are a contractor/entrepreneur, employee, small business, or corporate executive, Serv can assist you with your growth and company culture. 

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